Live Projects: We offer a range of live projects that allow students to apply their skills in authentic settings. These projects enhance their understanding of cybersecurity concepts, foster critical thinking, and develop their problem-solving abilities.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Simulation:
Students participate in a simulated cybersecurity incident response scenario, where they work in teams to detect, analyze, and respond to various types of cyber threats. They utilize industry-standard tools and techniques to investigate security incidents, mitigate risks, and restore system functionality. This project provides practical insights into incident response procedures, teamwork, and the dynamics of handling real-time cybersecurity incidents.

Network Penetration Testing:
In this project, students gain hands-on experience in conducting ethical hacking and penetration testing on computer networks. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, they identify vulnerabilities, exploit weaknesses, and assess the security posture of network infrastructure. Students learn to document their findings and provide recommendations to enhance network security and protect against unauthorized access.

Digital Forensics Investigation:
Students delve into the field of digital forensics by participating in simulated investigations. They learn to recover and analyze digital evidence from various devices, such as computers, smartphones, and storage media. Students employ forensic tools and techniques to preserve chain of custody, reconstruct timelines, and present their findings in a legally admissible manner. This project emphasizes the importance of meticulous evidence handling, investigative methodologies, and adherence to legal procedures.

Secure Software Development:
In this project, students focus on secure software development practices. They work in teams to design, implement, and test applications with robust security features. Students learn to incorporate secure coding principles, conduct threat modeling, and perform code reviews to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. This project emphasizes the significance of integrating security measures throughout the software development lifecycle.