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About B. D. Karve College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Pune
Under the aegis of Karve Institute of Social Science (KInSS) the B. D. Karve College of Arts, Commerce and Science was established in the year 2023. Situated in the heart of the city and a campus most serene, B. D. Karve College has been successful in maintaining the heritage, culture and values which were imbibed by Bharatratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve.
B.D. Karve College students get the best of both worlds, Pune city known as oxford of east, with lakhs of students coming in every year on one side and on the other side, students getting lost in this ocean of opportunities, finding it difficult to create a career path for them.
Small is the new BIG! Yes, We are new!, We are Small! We offer B.Sc. Cyber & Digital Science course with limited intake capacity of just 80 seats. This is what our strength is. Having a limited number of seats allows us to be choosy and most importantly makes hand holding easy. We at B.D. Karve College, pay attention to every single student, helping him/her to find the correct career path, to inculcate skills required to grab the right opportunity from the ocean, without getting lost.
Our USP:
• Legacy of experience for over six decades in the field of education.
• Excellent placement opportunities.
• Professional and highly experience team of professors.
• ICT enabled classrooms.
• Prime location.
• Serene campus.
• Well stocked library.
• Spacious classrooms with AV facilities.
• Opportunities for soft skill development.
• An array of value-added courses.

Mr. Nitin Bartakke
Mr. Deepak Hardikar
Sr. IT Consultant Maharashtra State Skills University, Mumbai Member
Mr. Suhas Joshi
Freelance IT consultant
Dr. Rohan Nyayadhish
Founder, Digital Task Force and Global Cyber Crime Helpline
Mr. Ajay Nikumb
Director, Soc Analyst Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Achyut Godbole
IT expert and Author